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Established in 1892


St David’s Society of Winnipeg

(From September 2013)

The Welsh Society of Manitoba

Cymdeithas Gymreig Manitoba

New Members always Welcome

Officers of the Society   (2014 - 2015)

Acting President


Viv Rees


            Executive Committee :


            Secretary                                Mair Livingstone


                                                            (204) 475 0517

            Treasurer                                Bill Owen


            Webmaster                            Keith Davies Jones


                                                            (204) 488 0289


            Members at Large                David Bibby

                                                           Michael Lloyd

                                                           Alan Pollard

                                                           Phillip Winkless


            Honorary Life-Member          Professor Bernard Knight,  Cardiff,  Wales

St David’s Singers of Winnipeg

Music Director Dr John Tanner

(204) - 488 4076


Logo designed by Michael Lloyd

The Welsh Society of Manitoba is an Organisational Life-Member of the

Welsh North American Association

(formerly WNGGA)

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